About Us

Ichiba is an initiative that aims to simplify the process of buying various types of meat, poultry and fish with just one click and most importantly at affordable prices.

Our Goat’s meat are chosen at no less or more than 8-12 months old, to be able to tick-off our juicy meat standard assessment. Whereas, chicken is weighed at 1-1.2 kg for superior texture and in addition a fibrous succulent nature when chosen to cook. Seafood is sourced fresh on a daily basis, and then goes through a thorough cleaning procedure for optimum freshness and a natural savory zest when cooked.

Not only is our meat certified halal, it has also surpassed as being processed in an environment that is categorically sterile and sanitized. Moreover, we are unconditionally against infusing our meat and poultry with any types of hormone, which makes us 100% organic and healthier than the average meat.

At Ichiba we ensure what you select undergoes the highest quality checks before reaching you. Our team diligently works through the procedure of selecting, cleansing and hygienically packing each and every product, which is then delivered to your location.


Ichiba only charges you for your exact purchase. Once you do choose your type of meat, we only weigh it after the cutting and cleansing process. So, when you want 1kg worth of meat, we make sure it’s the actual meat that you get